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Two years gone.

Reading through posts of two years back I wondered, am I still the same girl I used to be, the same happy-go-lucky girl, or silly girl to be exact.

Had my eyes been wide open enough, had my ears been listening at all, my mouth been saying right, had my heart been sensitive enough, had my feelings been even genuine at all, all my life.

I don't know who I was in the past. It seems like I'm not the person I thought I am all my life. And I could only try harder to know now.

Have I really grown up?
Or afterall I'll still be stucked in this immaturity all my life.

Life is not so simple
and I'm nowhere near grasping what I ought to have known by now.

I miss him so much it hurts.


thankful (:

I can't emphasize enough, so thankful for my good family and my sweetest sisters.
Always supportive, always there when I need them.

<3 <3

do you know?

love conquers all. (:


종춘's gonna stay for a long time :D


alien-tan, stop stalking me!

i know i'm graceful! hahah.

i thought you know the ans to the qn u asked? you and PETER concluded for me that day in the car! lol. so why wld i be afraid of when i'm gonna get married?


Grace will never waste her time on stupid relationships again! (:


Klub party was great! Arh great doesn't really do justice to it. Hmm it's... awesome!
All the songs I wanted were played, other than "mystery mystery~" D:
It was officially the used-to-be emo girl - yaya's happiest day! Pretty much. That was what peiling and I agreed upon. Of course, peiling and I were just contented to dance.

More klub parties please!